When What You Stand For Is What You’ll Fall For

Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach | Women Business Owners

If you stand for nothing Burr, what’ll you fall for?

If you’re a Hamilton fan, you know this is the challenge Alexander Hamilton posed to Aaron Burr in the smash Broadway hit.

And it’s the same question we as business owners get to answer.

Here are a few examples I’ve found in Barcelona through signs, stickers, street art and architecture.


I’m in love with this guy’s business name because he says it all in two decadent words: Be Chocolate. And that logo is to die for. So fun and playful!!!

Be Chocolate | Thought Leadership


A Barcelona guy has an Insta account and website selling swag based on his disdain for pineapple on pizza.

Say No To Pineapple on Pizza


Catalonians want independence from Spain and fervently express it by wearing yellow ribbons pins, graffiti, banners, flags and speech.



The street art below, translated, essentially says…

Let’s count
I’ll always cry
your name


Found this same artist in another neighborhood…

Life is so full of light
full of color 
a flower
and it opens
one hundred percent of
your heart ❤️

El Born | Barcelona

Nature + Buildings

Antoni Gaudi is the famous architect who designed Sagrada Familia, the biggest church in the world located in Barcelona. His designs are based on what can be found in nature and he’s quoted as saying,

“Originality consists in returning to the origin.”

This image below is his drawing of the church and the meaning of each element. For example, the pillars are designed to represent tree trunks. The ceiling looks like leave and flowers. There are few straight lines to be found anywhere.

Antonia Gaudi | Sagrada Familia

What do you believe?

It’s been said that there’s no longer an original thought. So as service based business owners, it’s our fun to bring our own spice to what’s been done and thought of already.

I, of course, believe we’re meant to reinvent. The more willing we are to embrace change, the easier change comes.


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