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Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach for Women Business Owners

So I’m sitting there in my therapist’s office, perched on the edge of a high-end vegan leather sofa straight out of an Anthropologie catalog…

Having an existential crisis about my business.

And the answer to the question “and how does that make you feeeeel…?” seems TOTALLY meaningless.

(It makes me feel effing annoyed with YOU right now, Mr. Upper West Side Therapy Man, for asking me that question… AGAIN!)

I couldn’t really hold it against him, though.

He just did NOT have the tools to deal with my more strategic business issues.

Knowing how to deal with stress and feel like a whole human are good things. They’re essential life skills.

BUT while you’re doing that, you still need to put the puzzle pieces together in a way that makes sense, makes money and makes you feel good.

He plain old wasn’t the thought partner I needed to put the pieces together to level up.

Because he didn’t have a clue about the nuts and bolts for building my business model for where to go from there.

It’s like, “okay, I feel well-adjusted… now what do I DO??”

So I thanked Mr. Anthropologie Couch for his time and found myself a different thought partner (someone who actually has street cred for building businesses) for the next steps.

A lot of my clients deal with this same thing. They hit the same wall I did.

They might go to the therapist looking to get clarity on their bigger purpose.

…but then they end up coming to me to figure out how to actually monetize it.

Because the therapist is only going to take you so far.

Once a business owner has their mind right, they need to take action… and asking a therapist about which action to take in your business is like asking your 2 year old niece for dating advice. (Should I reply to his text right away, Molly? Or hand you a cookie?)

When you’re thought-partnering with someone who actually understands the biz stuff you’re talking about… someone who has relevant perspective and who can give you practical advice…

THAT’S where the magic happens.

Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach for Women Business Owners

A follow-up email I got from a BEYOND VIP client last week. 👆🏼

This client walked into our strategy intensive with a migraine, having an existential crisis with her business. And I was like “yup, I know how that feels.”

And BECAUSE I’m not just a guy with a degree and a vegan leather sofa…

(mine is navy velvet from ABC Home, thank-you-very-much)

…we actually GOT somewhere with our session.

It was productive.

My client felt emotionally supported… and she ALSO got the nuts and bolts stuff you need to actually get from point P to point Q in business.

(Forget point A to point B… that was AGES ago.)

My private clients love that we go “from big picture and hard soul searching questions to nitty-gritty actionable steps” in a hurry. (Direct quote.)

It’s something that most therapists aren’t equipped to deal with and we don’t need to hold that against them.

So hey, if you’ve ever found yourself having a mini-meltdown in your therapist’s office about something business related…

Only to have the therapist tilt their head at you like a confused Labrador Retriever…

Just know you’re not alone.  ❤️


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