Loving the flow (and ebbs) of business

Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach for Women Business Owners

Lordy, I’m at a new level of appreciation for the ebb and flow of business.

Hard to believe 8 years ago I hosted my first event in New York to an over-capacity crowd. (People even showed up who didn’t have tickets. The buzz was mind-blowing.)

Although it wasn’t my first rodeo, it was my first one in the Big Apple and it was quite a ride of emotions. I wanted to do everything “right”, so I caved into following a formula instead of trusting my gut to create goodwill.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t get it all right.

(Flashback story here, courtesy of Facebook Memories…)

Next year, I’m bringing back something I HAVE gotten “right” (7x and counting)… and that’s my one-day business design workshops in NYC.

But not to overcrowded rooms. Learned that lesson.

(👉🏼 Explains the 8 person limit per workshop!)

Business Design Workshop | Business Coach for Women | Carolyn Herfurth

Business Design Workshop 2017 – What a difference being able to sit down face-to-face to get sh*t done while we’re in the room together (vs. talking about what we’re going to get done!)

I love following the flow of business… and I’m even learning to embrace the ebbs.

Last week, I served as a thought partner for two different highly successful women dealing with ebbs and flows of their own.

One is getting ready to free herself up from doing almost everything in her biz to better position her business for exit. (While still making a HUGE impact on hundreds thousands of lives in the process.)

The other is flipping her business model on its head so that she can finally stop chasing the elusive “make money while you sleep” goal — without giving up on earning the revenue it generates (while only logging a few delivery hours each month.)

Both in time for 2020.

Even though my private clients are an absolute DREAM to work with…

I don’t want to do the same thing every day or week or even year. I love the mix of close collaboration… AND I love bringing women together in an intimate, productive setting.

And who knows….

Maybe someday I’ll want to host a big, oversold event with strobe lights, smoke machines, and “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas blasting as I try to pretend I can dance while everybody else claps in unison.

But right now… I’m sticking to what feels sooooooo good and true. And cozy.

One-on-one thought partnership and small, meaningful group work.

No smoke machines in sight.


Whenever you’re ready… here are 3 ways I’d love to help:

1. Attend a Business Design Workshop (aka BDW)
You have a BIG idea, but want to be sure it won’t tank when you introduce it to the world. Because the last one was ho-hum, at best. Stay tuned… the 2020 dates will be announced in the next few weeks… so keep your eyes open! 👀Get on the wait list over here so you’re first to know when we announce the dates.

2. Go BEYOND with me as your strategic thought partner
As a successful, multiple 6-figure+ business owner, BEYOND is your opportunity to look at “all the things” in your business in a private, 90-day sprint. No stone is left unturned as we take you (and your profits) from comfortable… to formidable. Go ahead and schedule an “Explore BEYOND” conversation to find out if we’re a fit  👉🏼 https://carolynherfurth.com/beyond

3. Got a quick question? Hit me up
You might’ve noticed more stories from me lately… writing is fun again so I plan to keep it up! So if you’ve got a burning topic you’ve been wondering about, hit reply and tell me about it. That way I can make sure I’m hitting on topics you want to hear about.

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