3 prongs or 4? (aka “doesn’t have to make sense”)

A few weeks ago, I had a few colleagues over for a mastermind sesh on my patio to take advantage of the last bits of nice fall weather before NYC turns into an ice cube.

We were dishing up our salads when one of my fellow masterminders reached into the basket of cutlery and pulled out a few forks.

She turned to us with this really serious look on her face and called out, “3 prongs or 4?”

To understand why this made me laugh out loud… let’s back up a sec.

I’ve had hundreds of people over in the past 8+ years that I’ve lived in NYC. I’ve hosted dozens of events, served soooo many meals. And nobody has been particular about how many prongs are on their fork.


Except me.

(Privately. In my head.)

See, I’ve got this artsy set of a dozen forks, but there are 4 out of that dozen that are my personal favorites. Even though there are 8 other forks that are perfectly fine.

They all do their job. They’re forks, for fork’s sakes. (Couldn’t resist.)

But I’m always digging for a four-pronger.

3 prongs just don’t do it for me.

I know it’s silly, but 4 prongs FEELS like it works better for me.

So when my mastermind guest raised the question, I fully expected to be the only one to answer like it mattered… but it turns out, others at the table ALSO had secret fork opinions. (Who knew?)

We all have our little idiosyncrasies.

We have preferences that we don’t always articulate.

The stuff we want doesn’t necessarily make sense, and it doesn’t have to.

When you’re sitting with another human in the flesh, those little idiosyncrasies are more likely to come out. The stuff that doesn’t necessarily make sense, but that’s the way you feel. And because working with a business coach can be pretty intimate, those details make a difference.

That’s part of why I give all my private BEYOND clients the option to come to my place if they want — to do things in person. Not everyone can make it here. But many do.

One of my clients loves coming for her intensives in person and calls it her “white space.” It’s a huge motivator. Getting out of her space and into a space that’s clean and fresh, and it’s “go time.”

Another client literally signed on with me for a year and joked that it was all so she could come to my patio 4x a year. It’s not like my patio is some kind of supernatural portal to a more productive and profitable dimension… it’s just that she’s noticed massive growth in her biz every time we have a patio sesh, so why mess with a good thing?

Doesn’t have to make sense…

Just has to work.


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3. Got a quick question? Hit me up 
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