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Cut it short

What do you do when you’re having a sales conversation with a prospect who: you know isn’t your ideal client you know you’re not the right solution to help solve their problem The answer is quite simple, but not always… Read more…

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The value of values in selling

As I reflect on what I love so much about being an entrepreneur, I realize that my reasons for choosing business ownership 10 years ago over a job…are the same reasons I have for staying self-employed. That’s because it boils down… Read more…

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What’s your selling story?

We all have stories. We each have a story around money. A story around relationships. Family.  Friends. Fitness. Diet. Stories around what we do… or don’t do with our time. And we have stories around selling…

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Know and like. But trust?

You’ve heard the saying, “when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.” This can happen in selling too.

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15 ways to establish the know, like & trust factor

One thing can make or break your business. And I’m going to surprise you by saying, it’s not “sales.” It’s what leads to sales:  It’s relationships. I call it: Client Chemistry… which sums up the “Know, Like and Trust” factor.

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What do you charge?

Sometimes you’ll run into a prospect who doesn’t have a set budget but wants you to tell them about your packages and pricing up front.

Then they get scared off if you tell them without understanding your value.

This can be a huge time waster for you so you must find a way to handle it effectively.

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Guest Post | Learning about sales at the farmers’ market

My friend Carrie Greene, founder of Carrie Thru, wrote this great article that she said I could share with you. Carrie helps entrepreneurs create the systems and structures you need to help you stop spinning, get focused, make decisions, set… Read more…

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You make your recommendation to your prospect and give him your price. There’s a moment of silence a then a BIG GULP! The question is… which one of you is doing the gulping?

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What to do when your prospect tells you no

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a prospect will tell you no.  Maybe their reasons are legitimate… or maybe they’re not. So after you’ve done your best to turn their answer around, you exit respectfully and gracefully. Now what?

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Are your prospects like teenagers?

Is it possible that our prospects are like teenagers? If I tell my 16-year old nephew not to drink and drive, will he really understand why not?  Maybe… but will he “buy” it?  Probably not. The same goes with our… Read more…

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