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An Adventure In Finding The “Cure”

Two days into our trip last week, my favorite Irishman woke up with clusters of bug bites on his shoulder. A few days later they had multiplied, looked “angry” and felt achy. The doctor’s diagnosis? Shingles. That’s when things took […]

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Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach | Women Business Owners

When What You Stand For Is What You’ll Fall For

If you stand for nothing Burr, what’ll you fall for? If you’re a Hamilton fan, you know this is the challenge Alexander Hamilton posed to Aaron Burr in the smash Broadway hit. And it’s the same question we as business […]

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Breaking Free From The Safety Of Sameness

[Welcome to the first of 4 articles inspired by living and working in Barcelona / May 2019] You have more in common with “the greats” than you might suspect. Pablo Picasso reinvented art after he’d been “arting” for about 20 […]

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Take a close look at the flower above… I spotted this Shasta daisy at the Union Square Farmer’s Market and became totally smitten with it. It’s like some sort of mutant. The stalk is 5x as thick as normal. The […]

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You Be The Judge (or Not)

After a particularly growly day where I spent a lot of time judging the people around me, I knew I needed to slam the brakes on that b.s. Judge much, Carolyn? So when I woke up the next morning, I […]

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3 Things That Suck About Reinventing

Few people understood my desire to walk away from my first business when I was a known thought leader banking multiple sixes a year.  By all accounts, I was a success. (Unless you compare me to my old colleague Bruce Krebs, […]

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When It’s Time To Move To Something New

Stop trying to tune out your inner voice that’s rumbling,“It’s time for you to move on.”  As I assess the themes and the wisdom bombs from the first dozen-ish episodes of my Burn The Bullsh*t podcast (what?! you’re not subscribed? […]

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Side Eyeing: Kisses, Long Tails and Change

On my last trip down a digital rabbit hole, I found my very first blog from… (get this)… 2004. via GIPHY 37 posts. A not so great wall of words. And a grand total of 3 grainy pictures. 🙄 Fifteen years […]

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Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach | Women Business Owners

The Countless Ways to Describe A Reinvention

“I don’t believe people can reinvent themselves.” She said it casually. But to the point of, well, making a point. We’d known each other almost 10 years. We’ve been colleagues. Good friends. And she was a long-time, wonderful client of […]

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Are you making your greatest contribution?

I love love love love love client strategy days. (Did I mention I love them?) ❤️ Yesterday’s VIP is someone you’ve seen on The Today Show, Katie Couric and in the New York Times, to name a few. There’s something […]

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