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When It’s Time To Move To Something New

Stop trying to tune out your inner voice that’s rumbling,“It’s time for you to move on.”  As I assess the themes and the wisdom bombs from the first dozen-ish episodes of my Burn The Bullsh*t podcast (what?! you’re not subscribed? […]

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Side Eyeing: Kisses, Long Tails and Change

On my last trip down a digital rabbit hole, I found my very first blog from… (get this)… 2004. via GIPHY 37 posts. A not so great wall of words. And a grand total of 3 grainy pictures. 🙄 Fifteen years […]

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Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach | Women Business Owners

The Countless Ways to Describe A Reinvention

“I don’t believe people can reinvent themselves.” She said it casually. But to the point of, well, making a point. We’d known each other almost 10 years. We’ve been colleagues. Good friends. And she was a long-time, wonderful client of […]

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Are you making your greatest contribution?

I love love love love love client strategy days. (Did I mention I love them?) ❤️ Yesterday’s VIP is someone you’ve seen on The Today Show, Katie Couric and in the New York Times, to name a few. There’s something […]

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Bro’ Dictionary (for the curious, confused and/or uninitiated)

An incomplete, un-alphabetized and entirely irreverent Wikibro* about Bro’ business behavior. Bro’ /brō/ plural Bros /brōhz/ also known as “bruh” /brə/ 1. a person of any gender identification whose primary motivation is to yield the most money from the most people […]

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Doing It Even When It’s Not Easy

Walter Carr is my new poster child for doing it — even when it’s not easy. He walked 20 miles to get to the first day on his new job because his car had broken down and he couldn’t find any […]

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Are We Playing The Wrong Game?

ARE WE PLAYING THE WRONG GAME? Why So Many Women Entrepreneurs Are Struggling in Their Business, And What We Need to Do About It (Part 1 of 2)   Women business owners have been conditioned to believe that other people […]

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Why Giving Up Right Now Is A Bad Idea

Maybe you’re questioning if you’ll EVER gain the fame and fortune of your business heroines. And sure, things may feel messy or bleak or slow moving. But it’s not a good idea to quit—even if it looks that way. Even […]

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The Kricket Pledge

My Promise To You (aka The Kricket Pledge)

I promise to always speak to you like I do with my best friend, Kricket. Whether you’re new to my world — or been following my shenanigans for awhile — I want to share something that might be important to you. My Kricket […]

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Happy re/New Year

It was a wild and rouuuuuuuugh ride for a lot of business owners. Hasta la vista, 2017. Don’t let the door kick you in the as$. 2018 is a ginormous fresh start to refresh, rewire and reinvent what you want […]

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