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Loving the flow (and ebbs) of business

Lordy, I’m at a new level of appreciation for the ebb and flow of business. Hard to believe 8 years ago I hosted my first event in New York to an over-capacity crowd. (People even showed up who didn’t have […]

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3 prongs or 4? (aka “doesn’t have to make sense”)

A few weeks ago, I had a few colleagues over for a mastermind sesh on my patio to take advantage of the last bits of nice fall weather before NYC turns into an ice cube. We were dishing up our […]

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Zippers (and getting nakey)

Zippers (and getting nakey)

It’s not always the right time to “hold yourself together.” I was meeting a few of my favorite Irishman’s cousins for the first time this summer. It was brutally hot so I was wearing a summery denim dress, saying hello […]

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The Cure | Women Business Owners

An Adventure In Finding The “Cure”

Two days into our trip last week, my favorite Irishman woke up with clusters of bug bites on his shoulder. A few days later they had multiplied, looked “angry” and felt achy. The doctor’s diagnosis? Shingles. That’s when things took […]

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Friends Pivot

Pivot, pivot, PIIIIVVVVVVVOT!!

Every time I watch this scene from Friends, my brain darts to those of us who want to pivot into the next level of business… It’s worth the 18 seconds to watch the video clip below 👀  Sure, pivots […]

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Bright As Sunshine, Loud As Thunder And Hard To Steer

Sometimes you want a different perspective. With 3 weeks down and one to go in Barcelona before I head back to life in NYC, I wanted to see the city from a view other than on my feet. So when […]

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You Be The Judge (or Not)

After a particularly growly day where I spent a lot of time judging the people around me, I knew I needed to slam the brakes on that b.s. Judge much, Carolyn? So when I woke up the next morning, I […]

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Ease Up On That Death Grip Before It Ruins You

We waste so much time hanging onto stuff we don’t need. “We” means me, btw. I was reminded of this (again) last Sunday when my favorite Irishman and I went for a hike on a trail with miles and miles […]

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Don’t Allow Their Limits To Be Your Limits

As a business coach to women business owners, I’m always inspired by the things they dream of being, doing and having. But so often, I hear about things they think are only pipe dreams because they’re clouded by perceived limits. […]

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Risk Lies In Routine: 8 Ways To Stay Fresh

We don’t stay fresh by sitting still. Unless you’re meditating, of course. 🧘🏽‍♀️ But we’re not like fruit and veggies that last longer in the crisper drawer. Or bread that stays fresher in a sealed plastic bag. Or meat that’s […]

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