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Ease Up On That Death Grip Before It Ruins You

We waste so much time hanging onto stuff we don’t need. “We” means me, btw. I was reminded of this (again) last Sunday when my favorite Irishman and I went for a hike on a trail with miles and miles […]

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Don’t Allow Their Limits To Be Your Limits

As a business coach to women business owners, I’m always inspired by the things they dream of being, doing and having. But so often, I hear about things they think are only pipe dreams because they’re clouded by perceived limits. […]

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Risk Lies In Routine: 8 Ways To Stay Fresh

We don’t stay fresh by sitting still. Unless you’re meditating, of course. 🧘🏽‍♀️ But we’re not like fruit and veggies that last longer in the crisper drawer. Or bread that stays fresher in a sealed plastic bag. Or meat that’s […]

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One Quality My Most Successful Clients Share

Having served hundreds and hundreds of clients over 17 years as business coach, I can point to one trait that every single successful female entrepreneur and aspiring small business owner shares. Curious if you’ve got it too? Watch the video […]

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You Can’t Want It If There’s No Way To Get It

If that’s not a Universal Law, it damn well should be. 😘 Problem is, it’s easy to skip that part about deciding to go after it. People look at me and think I’m so bold and badass and New York-y. But […]

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Your MacGyver-Like Ability To Do What You Know

When I lived in Minneapolis, I hosted outdoor movie parties in my back yard. You might be surprised by what you can do with a white king-size sheet stretched between volleyball poles, surround sound speakers from Craigslist and friends who […]

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If You’re Guessing, You’re Already Losing 😫

Most business owners take a well-meaning stab at trying to guess their value — “I’ll price this at…*consults Magic Eight Ball*… $500?!”  via GIPHY But the clammy, icky, nobody-loves-this-part truth is this: If you’re guessing, you’re already losing. Don’t throw […]

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Side Eyeing: Kisses, Long Tails and Change

On my last trip down a digital rabbit hole, I found my very first blog from… (get this)… 2004. via GIPHY 37 posts. A not so great wall of words. And a grand total of 3 grainy pictures. 🙄 Fifteen years […]

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What Happens When You Head In The Opposite Direction

Six years ago, I dramatically* confessed to my Mastermind group that something needed to change, but I didn’t know what was next. * Cue mascara face. Gasping for breath through snot inducing sobs. And a record setter on the “embarrassment […]

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What NOT To Do When They Disapprove

I know he meant well. But, sonafabitch, if it didn’t sting worse than a spider bite. And have you ever gotten a spider bite?!?!  They hurt like a %&*^@#*&! “I can’t believe you put all that money into a beautiful […]

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