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If there was a cocktail menu made with EXPECTATIONS, you might find me drinking any one of them in a given year… Yep. I’ve been SHAKEN, STIRRED, UP and ON THE ROCKS. And if you’ve ever set a big lofty […]


If you’ve ever felt out of place in your position of authority, you’ll want to listen in on this episode with bright lipstick-ed beauty and cyber attorney, Aarti Soni. As a dark haired, high voiced, nose pierced, non-traditionally dressed female […]


Jamie Varon is like the Seth Godin of feelings. She observes things, names them and then writes about it in a way that brings fresh perspective to the rest of us. She is a writer and designer (she’s the genius […]


Donna Cravotta evolved from being “just a secretary” to becoming CEO and Founder of Social Pivot PR. A ginormous leap considering the fact that she had no idea what she was doing when she first launched her business in 2006. […]


Tamiko Kelly grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. But because they grew up in a different generation, her mother and grandmother had very different views of what people of color could and couldn’t do in business. Tamiko didn’t realize […]


Laura Garnett is a performance strategist, TEDx speaker, a regular contributor to Inc and Forbes and author of the Genius Habit. Her work revolves around CEOs and executives to identify their unique genius and purpose, and craft an actionable plan […]


Tina Forsyth has mastered the art of avoidance. So much so that it took me 30 minutes to nail down the specific things she was avoiding in her business. Do I chalk that up to her being a polite, keep-to-herself […]


Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte‘s biggest fear was to look like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Combine that sense of fear (and control) with stepping on one of the biggest TEDx stages, in front of 10,000 people. You know how this is […]

SEASON 3 — STARTS April 3!

We’ll be back April 3, 2019 with a ridiculous line-up of all new episodes. My guests aren’t holding back on their bullshits about CONTROL, questioning “WHO AM I?”, ‘fessing up to patterns of AVOIDANCE — and so much more. Don’t […]

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I couldn’t resist buying you bullshit as thanks for writing a review about Burn The Bullshit! 🔥🐂💩 Link right to here and click on Ratings / Reviews to open on your phone or desktop: https://carolynherfurth.com/itunes  Pretty, smelly please?! Season 3 […]

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