What stories do you tell yourself every day? Do you imagine you would be more successful in your business. Find your true love. Or be all around happier if only you could just lose those ten pounds. Or if you […]


We’ve all found ourselves staying in situations that aren’t right for us. These situations often bring us very real pain. Whether it’s a business, a business partnership, or even a personal relationship, we somehow must burn through our bullshit to […]


My conversation with Angela Jia Kim came at a pivotal point in her entrepreneurial journey. It was the day she had let go of one of her 10-year ventures to expand and further scale her other business lines. Angela is […]


What do you do when every bone in your body is telling you that you’re destined for something big… but you have no friggin’ idea just what that “something” is? If you want my advice, step #1 is “listen to […]


The conversation with Nika Stewart took an unexpected turn by becoming a coaching session* — and it was quite revelatory! As co-founder and CEO of Ghost Tweeting, Nika Stewart is a recognized social media trailblazer and national speaker who’s been […]


If you found out today that your child has a condition that not only changes her life, but your life forever, could you find a way to propel your family forward? Angie Buchsbaum found herself in this situation six years […]


In this episode, Dr. Valerie Young, an internationally recognized expert on impostor syndrome, shares her journey, her own surprising version of impostor BS and why procrastination is a coping mechanism to help us play small and stay safe. “If you […]


If you’ve been in business for a while, looking back on your early days can feel a lot like looking at your middle school dance photos: embarrassing. For Rachael, the problem wasn’t big hair and braces — it was two […]

TRAILER: Burn The Bullsh*t

Get ready to burn your bullshit, girlfriends!  🔥🐃💩 Reinvention strategist and business coach, Carolyn Herfurth, and her guests get real and raw as they take a candid romp through their own stories, habits and beliefs that once held them back from […]

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