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An Adventure In Finding The “Cure”

Two days into our trip last week, my favorite Irishman woke up with clusters of bug bites on his shoulder. A few days later they had multiplied, looked “angry” and felt achy. The doctor’s diagnosis? Shingles. That’s when things took […]

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Friends Pivot

Pivot, pivot, PIIIIVVVVVVVOT!!

Every time I watch this scene from Friends, my brain darts to those of us who want to pivot into the next level of business… It’s worth the 18 seconds to watch the video clip below 👀  Sure, pivots […]

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Business Coach | Women Business Owners

Sometimes You Need To Turn Around To Pick Up More Passengers

Long before becoming a business coach for women business owners, I was a teenager in small town Minnesota looking for new ways to be entertained. One of our winter pastimes was perfecting what we nicknamed the “Rockford Files.” Also known […]

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Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach | Women Business Owners

When You Know You’re Meant For Something More

If you’ve ever had the sense that you were cut out for something bigger but can’t cut through the fuzz to see what it is, there’s hope for you yet, Sister. How many cool things have you created in your […]

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Lichtenstein The Head of Barcelona

A Quick Guessing Game To Inspire Your Next Big Idea

As a small business owner, it’s easy to fall in the trap of limiting myself to look only at what others are doing in their businesses. But as a business coach, that kind of same-same thinking wouldn’t help my clients—because […]

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Bright As Sunshine, Loud As Thunder And Hard To Steer

Sometimes you want a different perspective. With 3 weeks down and one to go in Barcelona before I head back to life in NYC, I wanted to see the city from a view other than on my feet. So when […]

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Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach | Women Business Owners

When What You Stand For Is What You’ll Fall For

If you stand for nothing Burr, what’ll you fall for? If you’re a Hamilton fan, you know this is the challenge Alexander Hamilton posed to Aaron Burr in the smash Broadway hit. And it’s the same question we as business […]

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Breaking Free From The Safety Of Sameness

[Welcome to the first of 4 articles inspired by living and working in Barcelona / May 2019] You have more in common with “the greats” than you might suspect. Pablo Picasso reinvented art after he’d been “arting” for about 20 […]

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Take a close look at the flower above… I spotted this Shasta daisy at the Union Square Farmer’s Market and became totally smitten with it. It’s like some sort of mutant. The stalk is 5x as thick as normal. The […]

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You Be The Judge (or Not)

After a particularly growly day where I spent a lot of time judging the people around me, I knew I needed to slam the brakes on that b.s. Judge much, Carolyn? So when I woke up the next morning, I […]

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