Dear Singapore

Singapore (Click on post below to see video and more details of each gorgeous pic!)

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How I Finally Found Freedom In My Business

When I started The Biztruth 7 years ago, I wanted to know exactly what to do in order to have a screamingly successful business. I came from the franchise world where I invested in the promise, “do this and you’ll get that.”  So I… Read more…

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How I Get Out Of A Funk

Once, maybe twice a year, I get in a funk. I feel uneven. I’m in my head. It’s like my spirit is stuck. Trying to find it’s way back to the surface. For as many years as this has been going on, I’m caught off… Read more…

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You Inspire

You inspire me every single day. You are the reason I love what I do. It’s a beautiful cycle of life – and love!

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My 3+ Favorite Mindset “Don’ts and Dos”

Do you ever catch yourself in your same old self-defeating patterns? I know I sure don’t!! Not because I don’t have them. It’s because I walk around with a blind eye to my self-sabotaging behaviors — until I get in a room with friends… Read more…

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What Are Your Expectations, Contradictions and Limitations?

You walk into a room that inspires you to want to move in.  The room is spacious. High ceilings. Big windows. Cool art everywhere. Guitars hanging on the walls. Beat up leather chairs. A big, well-worn dining table. Persian rugs. Cool lamps. Yummy… Read more…

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A Toast To Beginning

As we head into a new year, I want to share this message that has gotten me through exciting new starts – and down-on-my-knees rough patches.

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Making Choices

Each and everyone of us is gifted with the ability to create the life we want. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is from Gary Lew who captures it beautifully, I love knowing that I… You… We… have the… Read more…

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Why Do Women Earn So Little Money?

Did you know that women business owners earn approximately 45% less than our self-employed male counterparts? (Sigh.) I get agitated reading the analysis of women-owned businesses* because our earnings are a highly distorted reflection of our true value. How can it be possible that…… Read more…

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How To Deal With The Occasional Sales Slump

I’ve been through countless sales slumps over my past 14 years in business.  And let me tell you, holding a dance card that’s filled with “NO, NO, NO” can be one of the most demoralizing experiences a business owner can face. Dealing with… Read more…

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